How To use an Android Phone/Tablet as a touch input device

While trying to create this blog, I needed to quickly sketch something. Now, as all know doing this using a pen and paper in the old days was easy. But today, the ideal way would be to use a nice tablet input like a Wacom Bamboo!

Well, after a little Googling, I stumbled upon this little gem. The solution is mostly suggested for android devices with a pen based input. I have tested it on my Ubuntu 13.04 laptop, but I guess this should work brilliantly with any prior versions too.

The app in question: XorgTablet GFXTablet ( github )

You will need an android device running Android 4.0+. Device having a pen stylus is preferred (Ideal would be the Galaxy Note 800).

On ubuntu:

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$ git clone

$ cd xf86-networktablet

$ make

$ sudo make install